Service Lift

Service Lift (Dumpwaiter)

Work easier, lift smarter!


Aresforti provides a range of elevators to suit your specific needs. Our products are manufactured according to stringent safety and quality standards ensuring that the requirements of the European lift norms EN 81-41 are met.

Service lifts or Dumbwaiters provide a safe and efficient option when it comes to repetitive vertical material handling, they make daily tasks a breeze when it comes to transporting heavy or bulky items between floors. Dumpwaiters offer convenience and style to restaurants, coffee shops, stores, warehouses, offices, hotels, houses or apartments and add value to the property. It greatly saves time and labor resource.

Our dumbwaiters come in multiple specifications and customized design to suit each application including load capacity, car size, travel distance, number of stops, finishes, etc. It has a simple operation known for safety and reliability, low noise and easy maintenance.


Installation & Maintenance

With Aresforti you can count on "tried and true" technologies and quality manufactured products. We allow for future competition of elevator service companies by offering nonproprietary products which can be installed and serviced by any qualified elevator company in your region. Our technical support department can provide remote support and real-time monitoring of lifts via telephone or internet.


Don't hesitate to call us to see what we can do for your elevators project. As a client we guide you from A to Z in this journey and make sure that you get the most convenient elevator for your building.